Ontario School Board - Online User Group Insurance Program

Getting the right insurance protection when renting out an educational institution facility for a sporting or special event is quick and easy with Aon’s Ontario School Board – User Group Insurance Program. Simply answer a few questions and easily purchase your coverage, online, in minutes.

Whether planning an organized event, meeting or pick up sports, on a field, in a gym or meeting room, most educational institutions within Ontario will require that you produce liability insurance when renting their facility or venue.

Aon’s Ontario School Board – User Group Insurance Program has been designed to provide individuals or groups renting facilities or venues from educational institutions an affordable and easy to understand way of purchasing liability insurance, protecting them from liabilities associated with their activities being conducted on the educational institution’s premises.

All that’s required is that you answer some simple questions about your event and the venue. After providing the details, you’ll be able to purchase your insurance coverage using your credit card. You’ll receive an electronic notification and certificate providing proof of your coverage. The respective educational institution will also receive a copy of your proof of coverage so they can finalize your rental.

That’s it. In a few minutes, you are protected.

We’ll take care of the insurance, you take care of the planning!