Insurance Requirements

Individuals responsible for facility rental are required to produce and maintain proof of sufficient liability insurance throughout the duration of the event.

Insurance rates are based on activity, perceived risk and timeline associated with your facility rental.

Coverage provided for Bodily Injury and/or Property Damage to third parties, as well as the following extensions:

  • Voluntary Medical Payments: medical expenses for bodily injury caused by an accident on premises you are renting.
  • Personal & Advertising Injury Liability: Injury as a result false arrest, libel, slander, humiliation, discrimination, and others. Please refer to the policy documents for full list of coverage.
  • Tenants’ Legal Liability: provides coverage for damage to the rented premises as a result of a negligent act caused by the Named Insured.
  • Liquor Liability Coverage (for events where coverage is purchased): provides protection when lawsuits are brought against individuals or organizations who host events with alcohol service.

Please refer to the policy wording for a full listing of Conditions and Exclusions. A copy can be found here

Please refer to the FAQ section contained within this website for more information.