Master Insurance Program

The Master Insurance Program (MIP) is a group liability insurance program created in 1986 for contractors delivering social programs to the public on behalf of government. In the mid 1980’s many of these contractors found that liability coverage was becoming very expensive to purchase, if it could be purchased at all. This liability insurance is put into place at the direction of an authorized ministry of the government of British Columbia or an authorized government corporation (“Province Authorities”), on behalf of the enrolled contractors, and is administered by Aon Reed Stenhouse Inc. (Aon). This ensures that the funding provided by the Province Authority goes directly to the services listed in the agreement and not to the cost of liability insurance.

For contracts enrolled in the program, MIP provides a commercial general liability insurance policy with $2,000,000 per occurrence of coverage protecting the contractor for liability arising out of the social program services set out in their agreement with the Province Authority. This coverage does not apply to operations of the contractor that are outside the scope of enrolled agreement.

Contractors remain responsible to arrange coverage for their other insurance needs such as automobile, workers’ compensation, their own property and equipment coverage and/or commercial general liability for all their activities outside of the contracted services.

If you are a MIP certificate holder / social services contractor, please visit the Service Providers FAQ page for more details on this program.