Social Services Group Liability Program

The Social Services Group Liability Program (“SSGLP”) provides general liability insurance to providers of approved social programs delivering services to third parties (“service provider”) on behalf of the ministries and government corporations who have signed on to participate in the program (“Province Authorities”). SSGLP only covers the service provider for the term and the services performed within the scope of a specific contract. Most (but not all) service delivery contracts will be eligible for enrollment in the program so long as the services described in the contract are social programs within the scope of a Province Authority’s service plan, mandate letter, or enabling legislation. However, eligibility is not automatic and there are several exceptions to program eligibility.

For eligible contracts enrolled in the program, SSGLP provides a commercial general liability insurance policy with $2,000,000 per occurrence of coverage protecting the service provider for liability arising out of the social program services set out in their agreement with the Province Authority. This coverage does not apply to operations of the service provider that are outside the scope of the services described in the enrolled agreement.

Service providers remain responsible to arrange coverage for their other insurance needs such as automobile, professional liability, workers’ compensation, their own property and equipment coverage and/or commercial general liability for all their activities outside of the contracted services.

Additionally, service providers are responsible to arrange coverage for their business risks, such as Director’s & Officer’s Liability and Employment Practices Liability

If you are a SSGLP certificate holder/social services service provider, please visit the Service Providers FAQ page for more details on this program.